Why pay hundreds for Microsoft Office® when you can use the open source alternative, Opal Office? Just think . . .

Are you comfortable with Microsoft Word®? Opal Office Writer® will fit just fine.

Do you like Microsoft Excel®? You will love Opal Office CALC®!

Are all your presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint®? Take Opal Office Impress® for a spin!

You don't have to worry about converting your old files. Opal Office will also work seamlessly with all of your existing Microsoft Office® documents, spreadsheets, etc. Try Opal Office today. Microsoft® has enough of your money already!


Satisfaction Guaranteed! If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase just email us and we will refund 100% of your purchase price. Give Opal Office a try: you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Our goal is for all customers to be completely satisfied with their purchase. We are confident you will be very happy!




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(Works with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Win7, Mac OS).
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OO Writer - It's Word® Compatible ! !


WRITER is the quintessential word professional processor. Packed with the features you've come to expect in enterprise class software. If you are used to using Microsoft Word® for all your documents, then using Opal Office Writer® will be easier than falling off a log (so to speak). Just look at this list of features:

  • Creates documents in Microsoft Word® .DOC format (as well as many other popular formats).
  • Open Microsoft Word® documents sent to you in email!
  • Open any of your old Word Professional® documents on your PC now!
  • Spellchecker and Grammar checker.
  • Export to Adobe® PDF format ! This feature alone saves you hundreds $ $ $
  • Wizards galore for faxes, letters, mail merge, etc.
  • Powerful Desktop Publishing features like text frames make flyers and newsletters easy.
  • Works just like Microsoft Word download ®.
  • Publish your documents to the web in HTML format.

OO Calc - It's Excel® Compatible ! !


CALC is the Opal Office answer to Microsoft Excel®. It can handle the most complex spreadsheet functions you can throw at it. If crunching numbers or spinning data into graphs is what you do, then Opal Office CALC® has got you covered. Take a look at these list of impressive features:

  • Open Microsoft Excel® spreadsheets sent to you in email!
  • Compatible with Microsoft Excel® spreadsheets currently on your PC.
  • Create new spreadsheets and save them in Microsoft Excel® .XLS format.
  • Sufficient Formulas, Macro Functions, and Wizards to satisfy the number cruncher in all of us.
  • Share your results with everyone by saving in Adobe® PDF format!
  • And of course, the ever useful auto-sum button!

OO Impress - It's PowerPoint® Compatible ! !


Opal Office IMPRESS® stands toe to toe with it's Microsoft® counterpoint, PowerPoint®. Use it to create presentations to dazzle the boss and win the hearts of customers. Just look at all it offers:

  • Open and edit all your old Microsoft PowerPoint® presentations. No need to spend $300 on MS Office®!
  • Open PowerPoint® files sent to you in email.
  • Create brand new presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint® .PPT format.
  • Distribute your slide deck via email or on your website by exporting to Flash .swf format!
  • Tons of 2D and 3D effects to spice up even the blandest presentation.

OO Base - MS Access® Alternative ! !


Whether you need to track inventory, build a customer list, or organize your recipes, Opal Office BASE® will get you there. BASE is a full featured database that can go up against the best of them. It can even import MS Access® Databases so you can manipulate data and build your own data empire. Check out these features:

  • World-Class Wizards to speed the data pro and give the beginner a fast-track.
  • Build tables that are simple to maintain and modify.
  • Report features and wizards to display your data in meaningful ways.
  • Powerful query abilities, including summary displays and multi-table views.

Plus Opal Office Draw® - A potent graphics package.


  • Create awesome graphics for your website!
  • Create 3D spheres, cubes, or whatever you can imagine with the powerful 3D controller.
  • Manipulate images in 2D or 3D, and enhance with a variety of textures.
  • Lighting effects add a dimension of reality to your images.
  • Create or modify clipart to use in your other Opal Office applications.
  • Save image files in all the most popular formats like TIFF, JPEG, GIF, BMP, & PNG, just to name a few.
  • Turn your images into amazing Flash (.swf) animations.

Plus Opal Office Math® - Construct formulas and equations for use in documents or spreadsheets.


Opal Office MATH® creates mathematical equations that can be put into documents or spreadsheets — or use it by itself to do your math homework or to solve the mystery of cold fusion!

What you get: After you purchase this item you will receive a link to download Opal Office.

What you DON'T get: Opal Office is a REAL Microsoft Office ® clone. It is not a trial, a demo, or beta. You need no license key and it never expires. It is a FULLY LICENSED robust and versatile alternative to the overpriced Microsoft Office download® suite. Purchase with confidence!

Features of this Version:
(v3.0 for Windows-ENGLISH, with Java™ Runtime Environment 6.0)
Opal Office version 3.0 is the latest release of the Opal Office Suite and features improved compatibility with Microsoft PowerPoint® and Microsoft Word Download®. This distribution also includes the Java™ Runtime Environment 6.0 (JRE 6.0). JRE 6.0 will provide optimum performance and system compatibility to run Opal Office in Windows environments. If you already have JRE installed, this will update it.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: Will this open Word® and Excel® attachments people send me in email?
A: Yes! Many people are buying it for just that purpose.

Q: My trial version of Microsoft Office download® just ran out. Will this product allow me to open all my old Word® and Excel® files?
A: Yes, Opal Office can get you out of that jam and back into your Word® and Excel® files.

Q: Is it compatible with all versions of Microsoft Office®?
A: Yes, Opal Office is compatible with Microsoft Office 2007®, Microsoft Office 2003®, Microsoft Office 2000®, XP and 97.

Q: Does this software come with a license key?
A: No, it does not need a license key. It comes fully licensed under LGPL license, based on OpenOffice.org®, which is produced and maintained by free software community.

Q: I just obtained a PC but it does not have Office Word® or Excel® on it. Does this include Word® and Excel®?
A: Opal Office WRITER® and Opal Office CALC® are the open source equivalents of Microsoft Word Download ® and Microsoft Excel Download ®. You will be able to create all the Microsoft-compatible documents and spreadsheets you need without having to use Microsoft Office®.

Q: So with this software will I be able to type a paper using WORD®?
A: You will be able to create documents, research papers, and reports in many formats, including the MS Office Word® .DOC format if you wish. The word professional processing part of Opal Office is called Opal Office WRITER® and you can save those documents as Microsoft Word® .DOC files if you wish.

Q: Does this program have Excel®, Word®, PowerPoint® and Access®?
A: It has the Opal Office alternatives to those, Opal Office CALC®, WRITER®, BASE®, and IMPRESS®.

Q: Do I have to already have any other versions of Microsoft Office® on my computer in order to use this alternative software.
A: No, Opal Office has everything you need to start creating great looking documents, spreadsheets, presentations, etc.

Q: Will Opal Office work with Windows XP® or Vista®?
A: Yes it works with Windows XP® and Vista®, ME®, 98®, 2000®, 2003®.

Q: Why is Opal Office so cheap? It must be a scam or trial or beta version.
A: NO! Opal Office is fully licensed software. It is not scam. It is not a trial or demo, it has no expiration. It is not a junkware. It is simply a solid and robust office productivity suite and a sensible alternative to Microsoft Office®.


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